Frequently asked



1. 1. Do you only work with agencies?

Yes, we work solely as a third-party subcontractor for agencies. These include creative, interactive, branding agencies, etc.

1.2. Will my client know about your involvement in the project?

Nope, we are your silent partner. We operate on a white label basis. We will not mark ourselves in any way on the project, nor will we contact your client.

1.3. Is it possible for you to contact my client upon my request?

We’d rather not. We aim to work with agencies, not directly with clients. 

1.4. What is your experience?

All of us have several years of extensive experience working in agencies or as freelancers. In total, we have successfully delivered +1200 projects.

1.5. How can we get started working together?

If you want to get a project quote to start with click here: Get a quote
and if you want to sign an NDA first click here: Sign an NDA

1.6. How will I benefit from collaborating with you?

You can handle many more projects. No costs are incurred for the recruitment of a new employee in your company. You have the flexibility to work with us based exactly on your needs. If you have fewer projects, you do not incur in any extra expenses.


Terms & Services

2. 1. Do you sign NDAs?

Sure, if you have your own template, you can send it to us at or you can use our template here, once you fill out this form, we will send you back a ready NDA signed by us.


Terms & Services - coding

3. 1. What are the payment terms?

We do not ask for advances. You only pay after you have tested the completed website on a test domain. If it meets your needs, you make the payment according to the invoice sent by us. The payment can be made in whatever currency you prefer. As soon as we receive the payment, we will send you a set of files with the website or install it on a server specified by you.

3. 2. Do you use website builders or templates?

No. We are intent on having your project to mapped 1:1 so that the site is smooth, loads quickly, and can be SEO friendly. Hence why we do not use these types of solutions.

3. 3. Can I rely on you guys to help me once the site is installed?

Sure. You can have us do any additional work, priced at an hourly rate of $60USD, and implemented within a few days.

3. 4. Do you provide a guarantee?

Yes, if you come across any errors in the website performance within 180 days, we will rectify them free of charge under warranty.

3. 5. Do you guys work on any other CMS than WordPress?

From time to time, yes. For simple projects, we do not install CMS at all upon the client's request. We work on Webflow CMS as well. However, it is most often WordPress.

3. 6. How do I send you the project files?

We mostly work on Adobe XD or Figma, but you can also send us projects in Sketch, or whatever program you work on. We will handle it :)

3. 7. How will I get the completed website?

We usually send you ready-made files to install the site. We can deal with the installation on your server upon request, too.


Terms & Services - design

4. 1. Are you guys able to help with the web design as well?

Sure. Read more about it here.

4. 2. What are the payment terms?

A 50% deposit is required for graphic design projects. The best thing to do is to let us know what you need so we can set the exact terms for your specific case.

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